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Three Wise Men


So what's the big deal?

God is perfect...we're not. So Jesus did a major solid and - took the heat.

The Basics...

The Bible is God's only life manual.

This one you probably know and it's a mind-bender - God is: the Father, the Son - Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (The real Trinity).

Again, this one you probably know  - people are sinful, just look around - myself included.

The close - accept Jesus as in he took the penalty for yours and my sin on the cross. He's the way to get to The Father.  

(there's a brief prayer below used by a famous thief)

Next, find a local church  - here are a couple links to churches with an online, global presence.

God bless you, I'm prayin' for you!

- Adrian C. Life

Christ the Redeemer

A brief prayer

“Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!”

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Mt.Fuji in the Distance
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